Air Fryer Egg Rolls – Yes Please!

Hey, what’s up Welcome to my kitchen. It’s your favorite Cook Kirby. Now in today’s menu we’re gonna be making some chicken egg rolls on the air fryer. Now I normally do this deep fried in oil, but you know what I got that air fryer and it’s a healthy alternative on frying stuff. So no further ado. Let’s get down to the recipe.
Go ahead and get you a couple pounds of ground chicken breasts. I did this myself, but you can go to your local store and pick you up, you know, a couple pounds of, chicken thigh meat or ground chicken breast, whatever you get your hands onto. So along with our chicken on the filling, we’re gonna have some chopped carrots, some chopped up cabbage, some chopped up onions, and some mint garlic on a preheated skillet on medium heat. Go ahead and start cooking your chicken. You wanna cook that for about five to six minutes before you start adding any other ingredients, but you are gonna season it right now. Go ahead and season the taste with a little bit of salt. Go ahead and add a little bit of black pepper. Go ahead and add your mint garlic.
Now. Go ahead and add half of a tablespoon of ground ginger. Go ahead and add a little bit of soy sauce to your mixture. Go ahead and give everything a mix. just make sure that you cook that chicken, right before we add the cabbage, carrots, and the onions. So give that about five to six minutes right there. All right, once your chicken’s all nicely done, go ahead and add in the rest of your ingredients and you wanna just go ahead and cook those down to right about when the carrots start to get a little tender. You want ’em a little firm, but you do not want ’em super soft. plus you don’t want to overcook the onions and all that, so, you just want ’em a little firm. So just go ahead and check ’em every now and then. I would say about three to four minutes. Once that’s done, let’s get ready for the next section and we’re gonna be rolling up our egg rolls. All right, so that way we keep everything nice and closed. We’re gonna need some egg wash, so go ahead and beat you up one egg. if you’re gonna be doing a whole lot, go ahead and add two eggs in there. But, I think one egg goes a long way. So just start off with one egg
Now go ahead and get your egg roll and, and you know, you can use any egg roll brand you want. So what you wanna do is just lay down your egg roll wrap and then you want to use a little bit of that egg wash and you want to wipe down all four sides of your egg roll wrap.
So go ahead and fill with about two scoops of that filling. You don’t wanna overfill it and also you don’t want to put a whole lot of the juices from the filling. this particular egg roll did kind of bust out because it got the egg roll wrap mushy on the side of it. I ended up saving it, but just keep that in mind. You don’t want a whole lot of moisture or a lot of the juices from the filling in your egg roll wrap. So yeah, it prevents you from any blowouts, but it’s really simple. You just roll ’em over, fold in the ends. that egg, that egg wash is gonna be able to stick everything together, keep it nice and tight so that way you can roll it nice and tight as you see here. Really simple, not that hard. So go ahead and do that with, all of your other roll. that’s basically what you want it to look like. So just go ahead and, roll up everything else and then we’ll get to our air fryer. So what you wanna do is you wanna go ahead and preheat your air fryer at 400 degrees.
So once your air fryer’s nice and preheated, go ahead and spread a little bit of oil on that bottom rack. you don’t want that, that egg roll wrapped to stick to the tray. Go ahead and place all your egg rolls in there and we’ll get it to cook it. So go ahead and spread a little bit of oil on your egg rolls. I just want ’em to get, you know, a nice little coating so that way they can get a nice crisp. So since we don’t have a whole lot to cook, all we’re doing is just basically crisping up the egg rolls. so you want to cook these at 400 degrees and go ahead and set it for four minutes because we’re gonna turn around and flip ’em and then cook ’em for another four minutes. So once that four minutes is up, go ahead and give everything a flip. if you see any dry spots on the egg roll, just go ahead and give it a quick spray.
These seemed okay. There was just a couple other spots that I just had to just give a quick dab of oil. You don’t wanna spray a whole lot, just, just a little dab of oil on there. So go ahead and cook your, your egg rolls for another four minutes. I did this three times, until they finally got nicely golden brown and crispy. So you’re gonna have one more session of four minutes. You could do six and six if you’d like. As you can see after the eight minute mark, you could see that they’re kind of getting done, but they weren’t all the way crispy on some spots. They were still kind of translucent. So that’s why I went ahead and, and cooked them for another four minutes. So it was 12 minutes in total, on this cook, besides the cooking of the filling. But, once they were done, they were really delicious and nice and crispy. So yeah, just go ahead and give ’em a flip. As you can see, they’re still a little translucent on some spots, so flip ’em and go ahead and cook ’em for another four minutes at 400 degrees. Or you could do sit six minutes per side.
Now after those four minutes, you’ve really seen a huge difference in the texture of the egg roll wraps. They were really nicely golden brown, not translucent at all, and they had a really nice crunch to ’em. And trust me, once you let these things cool down just a little bit, serve you up some nice egg roll sauce and these things are really, really delicious.
Well, that’s it for today’s cooking lesson. Thank you so much for watching and I hope you try this. I would love to hear some feedback from you. And if you’re new to my channel, hit that subscribe button and while you’re at it, hit that like button too. And if you wanna know anything about this recipe or just want to talk about anything in general, go ahead and leave it down in the comment section. Y’all be beautiful and take care.

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