Best Potato Recipes For Breakfast

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. Today I am showing you guys my secret on how to make the best and absolutely best breakfast potatoes ever. If you guys ready for it, let me know in the comment before I get started. If you’re new to my channel, don’t forget to subscribe like the video. Also, leave me a comment below and without further doula. Let’s jump right in. Alright guys, here are the ingredients for this recipe. Measurements below.


5 russet potatoes
1 teaspoon Cajun seasoning
1 teaspoon onion powder
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon dried parsley
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
salt to taste
3 strips of bacon
1 teaspoon of paprika
3 Jimmy Dean all natural pork sausage patties
4 tablespoon unsated butter

We’re using ground black pepper, dry parsley, garlic powder and onion powder.

And also we have some sausages and also we have paprika Cajun seasoning. We also have some bacon. I love, love, love me, some thick smoked bacon. And of course the potatoes. I cut them in into small pieces. Just make sure you wash ’em. Once you are done. Also, you will need some onion as well as unsalted butter. Now, first thing I’m going to be doing y’all is give these potatoes a head start. Okay So first thing I’m going to be doing is add a little bit of water. Well boil them for about five minutes. Literally five minutes. Do not go over. Okay So I’m going to boil it for five minutes. Once my five minutes it’s up. You see it barely boil because literally five minutes. So it just give it a headstart where we don’t burn it before the potatoes actually cook inside. So once it’s done, this is what it looks like. Now we’re going to be cooking the bacon. I love me some crispy bacon, y’all. So we going to cook this until it’s nice and crispy. Once you are done, we’re going to use the same grease to cook our sausages.

Use the Grease from cooking the bacon to cook the sausage

Now we’re about to cook the sausage. Just add it to the same grease you were cooking the bacon in. Just cook that until it’s nice and cooked through. Then you can remove it, set it aside. And we are going to be cooking the potatoes, the best part of this recipe.

Important Tip – Cut potatoes in uniform shape –

Now, one tip I want to give you guys, when you cutting your potatoes, make sure you cut them almost the same size. That way they all can cook at the same time. So now I’m adding my butter about two tablespoon of butter. If needed more, you can add more, but now I’m going to be adding in my potatoes in the hot grease. Okay Make sure that grease is extremely hot before you add your potatoes in. Now we’re going to season the potatoes. Make sure you mix all your seasoning together, even though I didn’t, but it’s the best way to season anything. Just mix all of your dry ingredients or dry seasonings together. So now we’re going to add the seasoning in.

Now you all see I added some, some of the seasoning on top. Then I’m going to give it a, a flip, a toss, whatever, and season the other side. Now I’m asking you, if you are new to my channel, you have not subscribed, please hit the subscribe button because I do upload amazing recipes here. Guys, if you enjoy this video that you are watching right now, I guarantee you you will love my other recipes because I make very similar recipes here on this channel. So don’t forget to subscribe.

Don’t forget the Onions

Now you guys just see me lip the potatoes over and season the other side. Now I’m going to stir it and make sure the seasoning is well combined with the potato. Then we’re going to let it sizzle. Okay Let it fry. Let it do its thing because you want, you see that crispiness, you see that crispy potato That’s what we want to give it a minute to actually cook so it can be nice and crispy and flip it over. Now it’s the perfect time to add your onion. Me personally, I like my onions to be a little bit raw. Not fully, but a little bit. I don’t like my onion to be super wet and soft. I, it is just something I don’t like. Okay If you like it to be, you don’t like the onion taste, like the raw onion taste, you can add it before, but I, I added my onion. Give it a toss, let it cook.

Am going to be adding in my sausages and my bacon. Ooh, look at that crispy bacon. I love it.
And if you are making this on a sundae, leave me a fire emoji in the comment. Also, if you, you’re making it on any day, just leave me a comment. Let me know y’all. Are you guys going to try this Ugh, y’all have to try it. I hope you try it because it’s, it’s the best. When I tell you this recipe is giving me DeeDee’s breakfast potato, recipe potato, y’all, if you ate at Didi’s before, you know they got the best of the best breakfast potato, and it tastes like it. It smell like it. It’s the best hope you try this out for your family.

And if you enjoy the video, y’all don’t forget to give me a, like, don’t hesitate. Let’s go, let’s get this video to 1000. Like y’all can do that, right I hope so. , thank you for watching, guys. Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and I will see you guys on the next recipe. Bye.

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