Cook Brussels Sprouts Like This And You’ll Crave Them Every Day

All right, first things first, a huge mistake I see people making with brussel sprouts is taking off too much of the bottom I got really chewed out over doing this one time. So now you see the tiniest little. The reason being look, if I take off a lot like most people do in half, it’s essentially like cutting the root out of the onion. Layers are now going to fall apart. So when I show you the next act in a minute here you’ll understand why we lay off a little tiny bit that time I took off too much that Italian chef just went nonstop on me why you do it. If you don’t know how to do it. Why you do why you do it. I puppy puppy he went on for like 35 minutes it was terribly taken off a tiny little bit from the bottom to slice it in half. If you want to peel off some of those leaves you can but they’ll also just come off in the water and as my life goes on and I cook longer, I really am looking to cut out stupid, unnecessary tasks that we spend ton of time that’s perfect boiling water. Simple as that I’ll have everything measured out in the description under the video, but we’re going to do take little over a tablespoon of kosher salt straight in and just carefully drop in your grout.

So we’re gonna do these six, seven minutes is all and then we’ll move on to the next step. Also important my friends. This is day one of a 30 day YouTube challenge where I’m going to be posting long videos every single day so that when Christmas dinner rolls around this year, your levels of excitement, motivation and inspiration to get in there and make the best dinner of your family’s life will be at max power my friends stick around drop a like subscribe if you want to learn a ton about cooking so just six minutes of Blanche time now we strained just let those steam for about two minutes. Now I just like to put them into a bowl just a little touch of olive oil. This is really just to coat them off a little more salt just toss it in the salt in the blanching water was the salt that penetrated deep in the flesh of this brown. The little bit of salt I did put right now is for the exterior. Hope that makes sense. Now she can in a whole bunch more olive oil sprouts down. Here’s where you set yourself apart. Take all the sprouts with them flesh side down. Give them about a half inch in between spacing. lay them all out if you do too many sprouts just use to better than crowding. Now we’re just gonna bake fan on convection. 400 degrees, okay 2530 minutes and they’re done and what we’re looking for here is these back and just to get nice and crispy and almost a little black and that’s a sure sign that it’s like a beautiful golden brown and of course if you want to go crazy add some bacon pancetta some not some maple places, whatever but this is the fundamental technique for making incredible crowds and the result


Every time I need these I literally sit here even if you feel up to at least some suggestions down in the comments with what kind of recipes you want to learn about during this holiday season. And so next time my friends you don’t know I love you


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