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The recipe in this video is Grilled Broccoli with Lemon and Parmesan.

Broccoli doesn’t get a lot of love in the vegetable world when it comes to hitting the grill, but this workaday vegetable is full of secrets and intriguing. I’ve got the intriguing Ashley here. Got a little broccoli trivia for you. Uhoh, what do broccoli and James Bond have in common
Well, I know we liked martinis. , broccoli martinis.
we’re not gonna drink broccoli today. Okay. But the answer is Albert Broccoli. Oh, Albert Broccoli produced many of the James Bond films that we love today, and his family cultivated the broccoli in this country that we know and love so much.
Wow. Well thank you. Albert Broccoli. Thank you Albert Bro. And James Bond
Yes. Here’s James Bond. Yeah.
Alright, so we have two pounds of broccoli. And as you know, if you cut the florets too small, you’re just gonna have a bottom of your grill, full of broccoli florets, and that’s not a good thing. So we have figured out a solution for that problem. And it’s important to start with broccoli. That’s about six to seven inches long. Now I am gonna trim the end of this. I’m gonna cut this down lengthwise. And then as you see, we have some really fibrous exterior on the broccoli and that’s really difficult to get nice and tender. So I’m gonna use this vegetable peeler and peel this down. About an eighth of an inch, you’re gonna see that the color starts to turn a different shade of green, and that’s a good sign that you’ve gone through that skin. Alright, now we have over here one quarter cup of extra virgin olive oil, one tablespoon of water, three quarter teaspoon of salt, and half a teaspoon of cracked black pepper. And this is going to act as the steaming liquid for the broccoli. And that’ll make a little bit more sense in a second. But I’m just gonna whisk this until combined
You saw confusion on my face, .
Okay, that looks good. Now I’m just going to toss this broccoli with this oil mixture.
All right, this is looking nice and coated. Now we have 2 24 by 12 inch pieces of heavy duty aluminum foil. These are gonna be our hobo packs. I’ll show you just what I mean. I’m gonna transfer five per sheet of foil and you wanna put the head on one side, the stem on the other, get it nice and close in there, and it’s cut side down. And you just wanna make sure that these are centered so it’s easier to crimp and fold the foil. And then using the shorter sides, crimp ’em up together. And do the same with the bottom. And the same with the top. All of this aluminum foil is gonna trap in the moisture. It’s all going to steam as it grills. I’m gonna transfer this to the rim baking sheet and repeat with the remaining five stalks. And one last thing, we have one lemon. I’m just gonna roll it on the board here just to soften everything on the inside. And I’m gonna cut this in half and we’re actually gonna grill these lemon halves. It acts as a finishing sauce almost
Kind of caramelizes too. Yeah, great
Flavor. Really good. So let’s go outside and grill.
All right, Bridgette. So this grill has been preheating on high for 15 minutes. I’m just gonna give it a quick clean,
Always a good idea.
Yes. And just using this wa of paper towels, I’m just going to grease the grill. I’m now gonna turn the burners from high to medium high and I’m going to put the packets onto the grill. Just put them evenly on there. And I’m gonna close the lid here and cook these for about eight minutes and I’m gonna flip them halfway through cooking.
Sounds good.
All right, Bridget, it has been eight minutes. Just transfer these to the room baking sheet here only ’cause the packets are a little warm at this point. Carefully using some kitchen shears. I’m going to cut some vents away from me allowing the steam to escape that way. Not this way because I don’t know about you, but I don’t really love broccoli steamed facials. , at this stage what we wanted to do was steam the broccoli in these packets with a fork. I just wanna pierce it ever so slightly and meet a little bit of resistance. And that’s perfect. I’m going to put the broccoli cut side down onto the grill.
Now this is still medium high heat.
This is still medium high heat. Okay. And this is gonna get that char that you were looking for so eagerly earlier, Bridget. Alright. Remember the lemons from earlier Yes. Okay. If we’re just gonna put these cut side down, they’re gonna cook for the same time as the broccoli. I’m gonna close the lid here and I’m gonna turn the broccoli every two minutes for eight
Minutes. Okay.
So it’s been eight minutes. These look lovely. They’re beautiful. Nicely charred, beautifully green. And now
Oh, so
Good, aren’t they Beautiful, gorgeous. Okay, so it’s almost done. We just have to go inside and put a few more finishing touches on it. Oh,
I’ll eat probably this much on the way in. Hey. Hey,
I All right, I’m just gonna cut these stalks into two inch pieces. Okay. Which are pretty much bite-sized.
The size of my mouth. Yes.
. And now we’ve got those florets.
And they didn’t fall to the bottom of the grill.
I’m gonna transfer it to this beautiful platter here. One last stock, and then we have these beautiful grilled lemon halves. So I’m just gonna squeeze these on over. The broccoli looks so good. So good. Finished with a little salt and pepper. Okay.
Always a good idea.
Always. Alright, we just have a little extra virgin olive oil that I’m gonna just drizzle on over. Oh yes. I have some Parmesan cheese. One quarter cup. All right, Bridget, let’s move on over ’cause I am ready for some broccoli.
I was ready. What time is it I was ready a long time ago.
, take floret and a stalk so it doesn’t feel left out. .
Now take a look at this color. I mean, it’s still nice, bright green broccoli, but that beautiful char on the stalks and on the florets. That’s really hard to do on the florets too. Yeah. Alright. Very tender. Oh yeah, but not mushy. Mm-Hmm
Mm-Hmm. .
It’s the best of both worlds.
It really tastes grilled.
Mm-Hmm. that char. And it’s not too bitter. It’s just so perfect
When you started it in those little hobo packs and it was steaming. Yeah, I was like, why Take it outside. Right. This is why you take it outside, that’s why. Yep. Gorgeous color, gorgeous flavor. Ashley, thank you so much. Amazing grilled broccoli.
I am so glad you like it. .
Finally, broccoli gets its own. Wait for it. Licensed to grill. Oh,
Bridget, that
Was good. And it all starts with trimming the broccoli stalks so that they cook evenly. After tossing with seasoned extra virgin olive oil and water, seal them tightly sealed aluminum foil hobo packs and cook them over a medium high fire. Then place the steamed broccoli directly on those grill grates to char the exterior along with a couple of lemon halves. Finish with a squeeze of grilled lemon and some Parmesan. And there you have it from Cook’s country, tender charred, and a most intriguing grilled broccoli. You can get this recipe and all the recipes from this season along with testings, tastings, and select episodes on our website cooks Thanks for watching Cooks Country from America’s Test Kitchen. So what’d you think Leave
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