Cooking Chicken Thighs in Garlic Parmesan Cheese Sauce

Today’s video is different –  recipe AND a recipe review based on cooking it. I’m in!

You know those crazy YouTube videos with millions and millions of views, it’s always just a pair of hands peaceful music and weird clickbait title. Today we’re gonna put one of these recipes to the test and see if it’s worth the hype in my new series we’ll see about that and as always, there is no time to waste now. Today’s recipe is coming from the channel sneller channel I’m assuming I just need to cook right Chanel asked I don’t know I don’t speak German but I’m saying fast cook. Let’s play best get fast. And the video is titled it’s so delicious that I cook it almost every day chicken leg dinner in from now looks tasty to me. And as always, I’m watching this video for the first time so we can get an authentic reaction. Huge chicken or she’s really small island with oregano and pepper. Not sure how I feel about putting it in the right chicken like that. It feels like if you get seared in a pan the oregano is gonna burn right away but I don’t want a potato no deals you know what I’m saying? Baby carrots.

We started off with that olive oil butter combination. I have all gone butter just do the best. Careful your fingers careful of your fingers. How come in dicing up some onion cubing up some potatoes

once your ticket buyers have gotten nice and golden brown give them a flip to me it feels like those should have gone a little bit longer but that’s alright. This is the way to cut no sear the meat in the pan take it out and then throw your vegetables into that same pan because it’s got the all the butter and now the chicken fat Triple Threat flavor now she’s simply mixing up some garlic along with parsley. Well we’re taking a little bit of wild turn here we’ve got a pan with some honey, some sweet chili sauce and soy sauce, some lemon juice and Dijon mustard. That’s like a whole bunch of cultures just met up and just said let’s just make one sauce out of everything we got man but I’m not against it. I bet you that’s going to be good is a bit a little bit strange, but I don’t know I bet you it tastes good. garlic and parsley goes into the vegetables. What’s there for tender chicken thighs go back vegetables, and then the sauce is going all over the chicken. One thing I can tell you for sure right now is that this dish has a lot of flavor and sauce alone. It’s going to be interesting to see and you can see when this chip comes out of the oven. It’s definitely everything sorted even though it honestly looks delicious. And I really can’t wait to try that slot especially is worth the height. Is it worth 13 million views. We’ll see about that. And as always, at the end of the video we’ll give this a rating and if it’s really good, we’re gonna go outside and we’re gonna turn my fridge into a burning pile of scrap metal started with a prescribed five chicken thighs. I’m going to drop some dry oregano on them. Honestly, this is something I would never do. I really want to see what happens right for me putting dry spices on something I’m gonna sear it’s not really a good idea because my fear is that these spices will burn but we’ll see. I just got to talk about what I’m thinking. We’ll learn so Reagan Oh, Ronald Reagan and so goes without saying you always want to season from up high like this. Even distribution and now a little bit of Sergeant Gilbert my little sentient black pepper and she said rubbing the spices well. A couple Yukon gold potatoes although you can if you want to start by peeling them off and you could use a knife but he did although very hard. Unless you’re some master chef good at using a knife on. And by the way, this is the only kind of peeler you’re ever going to need cheap Swiss peelers I’ll put a link to one instruction also if you’re doing this with kids or if you yourself are a child a man child like eat like a fork in the bottom of your Montana like this set her down and becomes really easy just to spin it appeal actually faster than any other way you get the bottom and he’s removed the fork and you can just feel that last little bit. Also, I’ll put a link to a video down in the description on how to cook potato peels. They make an incredible stack it said they get thrown away so much beyond what’s been half in half again. And from here I’ll cut them into eight pieces of salt like this phones are a similar size it’s going to work out just fine. Once they’re done slicing I would highly recommend you drop them straight in this cold water so they don’t oxidize and chain color while you’re working with the rest of your gradients. It’s just good practice. She used baby carrots but I’m just going to use large carrots doesn’t really matter. Maybe character just come from Mars as their true baby carrots, in which case it’ll look like a mini carrot. Start by filling them up. So your way I really liked the cup carrot. If you start from the top about a 45 degree angle roll it seems really cool, hopefully, something like that. Of course you can do it any way you want. I’d like to have one yellow onion, slice it because this thing can peel. From here. I’m just gonna do a medium dice. And by the way when you get to the bottom of this little piece right here on the side I got my pan on medium high heat amount of olive oil butter, which is a combination so I’m on board and I’ll go ahead and drop in my chicken boss and site down there we go for five minutes I’m gonna flip my tickets color now what I thought was gonna happen Zen Habits. You can see that those are kind of burned on there a little bit, not the end of the world but honestly I was just add them later in the recipe so that doesn’t have three minutes on the other side. I’m gonna go ahead and remove all my chickens. Same pan on medium heat dropping your onions after just three minutes and that our potatoes and carrots season ended up just with salt number a lot of people telling me that salt is salt seasoning. So you know I’ll cook it down for eight minutes stirring every two minutes. The instructions. Well that’s cooking I’m going to chop up some garlic and mix it up in a little bit of Italian partly here. Try to slice through it once. Maybe we’ll do it a little more and that’s pretty sharp. Next we’ll use a couple of lemons or enough for two tablespoons where the juice at this point in time to build that weird sauce and I’m actually super excited to try because all the components are pantry items. Love I’ve just never thought to mix them all together. Let’s see how it goes. Starting with honey. I’ve got the heat on the pan. This is a medium we’ll be fine. Now we’re adding in this sweet chili sauce. You can find this in the section of most grocery stores. Pretty common thing these days. I got to taste it now. It’s gonna be sweetened with just a bit of crying out. Next ingredient soy sauce. That’s going to be I know that we’re trying and after each additional we’re on the way it’s definitely better still really sweet. Next in green is the lemon juice the hopefully the sour aspects of that lemon will cut through that sweetness. The next ingredient is really throw me through a loop Dijon mustard. All right. Try it once I got that to John and like see I really need a whisk now. One more final taste mustard. It’s definitely not bad. Not sure exactly how I feel about it. We’ll see when the whole set our garlic and parsley just thinking about it. I’m gonna let that garlic cook for at least two minutes for me right now all these flavors that I see in the pan before me really Yeah, it’s gonna be interesting to see how it all comes together. This dish is a very west meets East kind of dish like Western festivals, Eastern flavors and sauces if that makes sense. There’s a bit of a Frenchman thrown in that Dijon mustard. Alright, here we go. chicken thighs. back end. And then you can’t really talk the middle and all these juices came out of the chicken gotta do is scrape them in. Reva men look nice and bubbly sauce. That does look good. Feels good. Good. Wow. Now just kind of give it a little bit of a mix. Last step to the other 400 degrees Fahrenheit 2530 minutes. And in her video at this point, she made a salad which we’re just gonna skip. There we are 25 minutes. Okay, it looks delicious. Now let’s finally serve this up and give it a proper review

I have two bowls in front of me because Mark is come on down. Let’s give it a shot

the sauce was strong and burst of winning hooks up with potatoes and vegetables and chicken chicken releases its juice into the sauce and gels together at this point by his very well to start I finish the entire bowl. Like I said at first that sauce was strong but everything together is actually really good and sleep balanced. One of the only things I would change is to cut down on the sweetness a little bit just like the other chicken recipe we did some ideas would be to increase the soy sauce a little bit consider adding a punch of just white vinegar and that would be really good. I think ginger would be awesome in here lemongrass would be awesome in here if you want to go down that road if you want to spice it up some Chili’s or some dried chili place would be really good. And the other note I have is I would just take away adding that dried oregano in the beginning for two reasons. One it burns on the chicken and two he just don’t taste it at all in the end. It just doesn’t need to be here. Having said all that I would give this a solid nine out of 10 that is a really really solid recipe and I think anybody who recreates is going to have a great experience and I always encourage freestyle and have some fun and just making your own. I hope you enjoyed watching today here are two more chicken recipes from my own channel. They’re easy to pull off and I’m confident you’re gonna love it just as much as I do. I’ll have links to the original creator from this video as well as the recipe down in the description. I also put a bunch of my favorite equipment and products down there that I love to cook with. And we do have merch available now if you want to help support the channel. Until next time you



  • 5 chicken thighs
  • 1 teaspoon oregano
  • 4-5 potatoes
  • 12 baby carrots
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 1 onion medium dice
  • 4 large cloves of garlic
  • Handful of parsley
  • 6 tbsp (90 ml) honey
  • 6 1/2 tbsp (100 ml) sweet chili sauce
  • 2 tbsp (30 ml) lemon juice
  • 3 tbsp (44 ml) soy sauce
  • 2 tbsp (30 ml) lemon juice
  • 3/4 tbsp Dijon
  • mustard
  • salt and pepper to taste

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