Cooking Lemon Thyme Sheet Pan Chicken Dinner with Ree Drummond

Lemon thyme, sheet pan chicken and potatoes. So I’m making a little bit of a marinade to toss the chicken in. So it’s olive oil, some minced garlic, whoops,
The juice of a lemon. These are juicy, juicy lemons. Oh my goodness. And then some lemon zest. I zested the lemon before I cut it in half. And then I have some fresh thyme, leaves and salt. Plenty of salt and plenty of pepper. And then I’ll just stir this together with a fork. Very simple. I’m using bone in skin on chicken thighs and then red potatoes that I cut in half and sliced red onions. And then I put quite a few lemon wedges on the sheep pan and those are gonna come into play later after it cooks in the oven. Alrighty, so this is all mixed together. It doesn’t take too much and I’m just pouring it over the chicken first to make sure it gets plenty of the juicy sauce.
And then I’m just gonna use my hands to toss everything together and mix it. I don’t wanna leave them in sections, I wanna mix it all together so the juices from the chicken will kind of coat the veggies and the onions and it’s all gonna become one. So the only thing you need to be sure to do before it goes in the oven is to make sure there’s plenty of space between the pieces of chicken. ’cause if they’re cramped, they won’t get nice and brown. All right, let’s get this gorgeous dinner in the oven. So the oven’s at 4 25 and I’m gonna roast all of this for about 45 to 50 minutes until the skin on the chicken is gorgeous and the vegetables are done.
Woo juicy.
That looks fantastic. Wow. Okay, I’ve got a beautiful platter so I was gonna just kind of dump it all on here, but I think that would be a catastrophe . So I’m just gonna transfer everything to the platter. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Alright, so now for the really fun part, remember those lemon wedges Here they are. They’re now roasted lemon wedges. And watch this, look at this, that kind of wow. Roasty lemon. So fish the lemon out of here and just squeeze any juices that it has left. You can get some of the juices on the pan and just kind of drizzle them over. You don’t wanna do that, too much of that ’cause there’s a lot of fat there. But boy oh boy, that looks great. And then for a finishing touch, I always like to wipe the platter ’cause dribbles bother me. , not really. I’ve got some beautiful time leaves and just kind of arrange it here and there and everywhere. I think thyme is one of the prettiest herbs. It’s just so light and kinda slightly curly. Parsley never hurts. But didn’t this turn into kind of a gorgeous dinner. It’s really pretty beautiful and it’s so simple. It’s basically chicken, potatoes, and onions, but it’s all kind of what you season it with and how you cook it and of course how you present it.
That is one beautiful sheet pan supper right there. So easy, so elegant.

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