Cooking With Fresh Thyme Sprigs

I’m Marcy Deman, This is regular English thyme, garden thyme. you’ll also find that there’s lemon thyme, there’s orange thyme, and there’s other more tea worthy time. So make sure you’ve got a good, strong, regular garden thyme. I went out this morning and I cut this. You wanna cut all of your herbs early in the day before the hot sun comes out. ’cause the oils and the flavors will be the strongest. And because I wanted to use it fresh, I put it right into water to keep it that way. If you wanted to dry it, you wouldn’t do that. You would hang it upside down and just let it dry.
But if you wanna use it fresh, you wanna keep it nice and supple like this. what I’m gonna do with these carrots, I’ve kind of got an example of larger food and diced or cut food. So if you were taking, say a salmon or a chicken breast or anything that you wanted to absorb the flavors of the time, but you didn’t really wanna have the time on the food when you served it, then what you would do is you would cut off full sprigs of thyme like this and lay it on the food that you’re grilling or roasting or whatever it is, however you wanna cook it. So the flavors will go down into the food. Another thing that’ll help is to have olive oil or butter or whatever it is that you’re coating the food with on there first. So that’ll help bring the time into the food as well.
And when you have, casseroles rice dishes, anything where you’ve got chopped up and small pieces and you don’t wanna have this big piece of time, but you want little bits, you’re gonna have to remove it from the stem. It’s pretty easy to do. You just have to kind of pull on it and all the little leafs will come off into your dish. Now if that’s too big of a piece, if these leaves are too much, you can also take ’em and put ’em on a cutting board and chop ’em even further. But I kind like the way they look. The little leafs in the dish and time is strong enough that you don’t really have to chop it any smaller to get flavor. But of course if you do chop it, it will be stronger yet, but you just kind of pull it off of there.
It’s gonna come off a lot easier when it’s dry. The other thing to remember when you have fresh herbs is they’re gonna be less intense than your dry herbs. So you’re gonna use at least twice as much as you would with dried thyme. here I have some thyme and when I dry it, I usually leave it whole like this too, so I can have the choice later to lay it over things or crumble it up. So it’s usually on the stem. And I also feel like anything that you do dry, the less you crumble it at that time, the more oils are preserved. So you always wanna kind of do that right

When you, you go to cook with herbs. So I’ve also got that. So the only real difference is that it’s much, much stronger when the water has evaporated out of your herbs. So if you use this, you’re going to use half as much as you’re gonna use with the fresh thyme, and that’s how you cook with fresh thyme.

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