Crispy Tofu out of the Air Fryer on Your Counter

Hey buddy. Today in this video we’re making air fryer, crispy tofu. Let’s begin. We have here some tofu. It’s 14 ounces and it’s firm. We’re gonna drain the water real quick. We drained out the water. We’re gonna take it out. We’re gonna pet it down with the towel to remove some of the moisture. There we go. We are going to make two cuts to get three slices. There we go. And turn it over and do the same thing. Here we go. Should look something like this. We’re going to put the tofu into a plastic bag. Okay. We’re going to marinate the tofu. We’re going to add one tablespoon of garlic powder, one table of spoon of onion powder, one teaspoon of small paprika, three tablespoons of sesame oil. Here we go. Seal up the bag. Make sure to get all the air out and just mix everything all together. Oh, and one more thing we’re gonna add three table of tablespoons of low sodium soy sauce, seal it up, mix everything all together. Okay. It’s looking good. We’re gonna leave this in the fridge for 30 minutes and we’ll be back. Okay. The tofu has been marinating in the fridge for 30 minutes. We’re gonna put that to the side. We have here some green onions. We’re just gonna chop it up.

Photo by Fairuz Zaki on Unsplash

Here we go. We have here some green onions. We’re gonna put the green onions to the side for right now. Next, we’re gonna take the tofu and put it in a bowl. We’re going to take some corn starch and pour it in. Just sprinkle it in, just like that. And then just shake it up. Add just a little bit more. Shake it up again. Okay. It’s looking good. We gonna put this aside for right now and, preheat the air fryer. We’re going to turn it on. We’re gonna push the preheat button, , and we’re going for 370 degrees and we’ll be back. It’s been preed to 370 degrees. Let’s put in the tofu. But before we do that, we’re just gonna spray some olive oil in the basket. Okay. Just gonna take the tofu and put it in. Make sure they’re evenly spaced out. We’re just gonna spray just a little olive oil on top. Here we go. And let’s put it in. We’re gonna turn it on. We’re gonna turn the temperature to three 70 for 20 minutes and we’ll be back. Okay. It’s been 10 minutes so far. We’re at the halfway point. Let’s flip ’em over. Looking good. We’re just gonna spray a little olive oil on top.
Them over. Okay. We’ve flipped them all over. Make sure they’re sprayed out nice and even. And we’re gonna put it in for the last 10 minutes and we’ll be back. Okay. It’s been a total of time of 20 minutes at 370 degrees. Let’s take them out looking wonderful. Nice and golden browns. Take them out. Next we’re gonna take some of the green onions we chopped up and put it on top. Okay. This is what we have today. Air fry crispy tofu. I hope you enjoy this video. Give this video like, and subscribe for more future recipes here. Have a bite and thanks for watching.

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