Easy Fried Bananas Recipe –

What’s up, you rambunctious baboon. It’s morning time, and here at cooking in college, we are looking at bananas. That’s right. B a n a n a s. Okay, so you’re hungry is morning, but you don’t know what to have for breakfast. Tired of cereal. You don’t have any eggs left in the fridge. Hmm. But there’s a big bunch of bananas. Well, I’ll teach you how to make caramelized fried bananas. Doesn’t that sound exciting Let’s get at it. For this recipe, you’ll just need a few things. Butter, A big old banana. Look how big this thing is. Holy cow. You need to hollow it out and row it down a river. Okay. You need a knife, you need a spoon.
You need
Some sugar. A bowl or a plate will do. And a frying pan.
Okay. Now the first step is to peel your banana. Okay. Now that your banana is all peeled, cut it into, if you have a really long one like this, cut it into three pieces. If you have a small banana, just cut it in half like that. Okay. Then you want to cut it down the middle. Long ways
Like this.
See Okay. Now that you’ve peeled your bananas, and cut them up into three pieces, and then cut ’em again down the middle. They should look something like this. Now put ’em in your plate or your bowl, and then go over here and get your spoonful of sugar, and then just sprinkle it over the tops. Hmm. Looking sweet. Okay. After that, take your knife, take your butter, toss that on the pan,
It around. Okay. And take your bananas. Ditch the peel. Take your bananas and lay them. Cut side, sugared side down onto the hot pan. Now let these cook for a minute or two and should be ready to go nice and crisp. Okay. As you can see here,
I flipped over the bananas. They’re looking crispy and golden and sugary and foggy. Okay. So they don’t need to cook very long on the other side because there’s really no sugar on there to caramelize. So after about 10, 15 seconds on the other side, just to kind of heat it up, you can plop these on a plate and let ’em cool off a little bit. Andhow down.
I’m king of the jungle. King of the jungle. Bananas. Bananas, ape. Bananas. Bananas. Bananas. Hey, bananas, king. Okay. Out at the jungle. Go with the jungle. Hey, yeah, check it out and subscribe.

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