How Best to Saute Bell Peppers and Onions

This is a fun video and I learned so much following it.

Hi, I’m Miranda Valentine, editor of the Lifestyle Blog. Everything sounds better in French. And today I’m gonna show you how to saute bell peppers with onions. So really simple. What I have here is, two bell peppers that have been cleaned, deep-seated and sliced. I’ve used a green and a yellow just to provide some like pretty contrast. It’s always nice and bright when you mix up your bell peppers. I have a tablespoon of oil here. I have a cup of diced onions. I’m using white onion here, but you can use whatever type of onion you like best. And then we have salt and pepper here to taste. So our pan over here is heated on about medium heat. So I’m ready to add the olive oil in. I’m just gonna dump that in and then spin it around just to make sure the whole bottom is coated. ’cause we wanna make sure that all of our onions and all of our peppers are getting equal, equal oil real estate. So let’s dump those in first. Just spin that around. Beautiful. Beautiful. Now let’s add in our bell peppers or just, I’m just gonna give this like a quick little toss just to make sure the olive oil gets all over. Everything.
Beautiful. Starting to sizzle. Smell really good. Okay. So wonderful. I’m just gonna add a little salt and pepper now and then we’re gonna let it hang out in the pan and check in in about six minutes. See how it’s doing, see if our all, see if our onions are nice and translucent and if our peppers are nice and soft and ready to eat. Okay. They smell delicious. My onions are translucent. It’s been about 10 minutes. I’m ready to take it off the heat, put it on the plate and then put it in my mouth. Okay. So beautiful. Just pour it on in there. Yum. Yum. Yum, yum, yum. Rescue these guys. Gorgeous. Smells delicious. This is perfect. Totally ready to be part of like a fajita dish on a salad. Almost anything. One of my favorite combinations. Sauteed bell peppers with onions. Thanks for watching. Make sure to subscribe and if there’s something that you wanna learn how to make, send me an And don’t forget to check out our other great videos.

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