How To Cook Soft Shell Crabs Like a Pro

Editor note: When I went to college we were close enough to the Gulf of Mexico  to go fishing and crabbing. Some of the best meals were impromtu   soft shell crab boils. It was messy but fun and sand does remove grease and things from your hands. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did and will do when I cook this meal this week.

Alright, YouTube, this is swamp again. We’re in the kitchen. We’re not fishing and we’re not hunting. But we’re in the kitchen again. We’re in the kitchen with Ms. Lacey today. We’re doing something brand new. Haven’t shown you before. We’re frying soft shell crabs. So Ms. Lacey, you want to tell us about what you got going on
Look at here. Look at here y’all. Look, we got some salt shell blue crab right here. First thing I did was I cut the face off of ’em, which is here. Lift the gills up. Clean out all the gills from here on both sides. Put the flap back down, swing it around to the back and take that flap off the back. Take
That apron off, huh
Yes. Took the apron off. Then first of all, I hit ’em with some old bay. Okay. I hit ’em with some old bay. Gotcha. On both sides. Gotcha. Then I came back and hit ’em with some Jo. Mm-Hmm . Now they just sitting here waiting for the hot oil treatment.
I hear the, I hear the pan popping. I mean she ready to go right now. So you got six soft shell crabs. All yes. Alright, so next week, what’s your next step My
Next step, I’m gonna put ’em, I’m gonna just hit ’em with some of this flour. Okay. Just like you would do chicken. Gotcha. And ease them down in their legs first. Gotcha. Real slow. And you know, oil and water don’t mix right. So it’s gonna be popping. I’m a little nervous but I’m excited too because it’s my first time doing it. So we gonna see what we come up with. Here we go.
Put it in this, in this flour. Just some plain flour. ’cause I already season it. I don’t want it to be too over season, over salty. ’cause we want to enjoy the flavor.
So salt shell crab. You eat the whole crab, right The whole
. Here we go. Legs in first. Nice and easy. That body down.
Got some sizzling going on now and some property.
Yes sir.
What you got going on now
Okay. What I just flip it a little bit and it takes like two or three minutes on each side and it’s ready to go.
Don’t take long at all.
Not long at all.
Alright Ms. Lacey, it looks like that crab is floating. And what does that mean, ma’am
It means that it’s ready to come out the pan. All righty. And get ready to take it out.
That’s a pretty picture there. Oh yeah. Fried soft. Alright y’all look, I apologize, I’m sorry. Please forgive me all of those words, but to I want you to know that mine is gone and you know, I was thinking, I said they so good. I haven’t even finished making the video. . Oh my goodness. So I got Lacey and now she working on hers. And I said, well you got to tell the people how it came out. Baby. Listen,
Just look at it. Just look at it.
Fried soft shell crab. I’m talking about a delight of delights. I mean, crab that you can eat the whole crab. Nothing but the truth. I’ve had fried hard shell from Chesapeake, Virginia. I mean, and they were great. But when I tell you that fried soft shell is the be’s knees, the king’s crown, and just all around the best thing ever. So like said you got a piece of what we call that lump crab meat.
And I just want you to tell me in your own words how this taste.
My, my, my, my
And I. I see there’s some What’s that red stuff you got there in that, in that look section.
This right here. This right here is some hot sauce. Texas
Peak. Oh, this, this right here Yes. Okay. At Texas Peak, Texas Peak. All right. What else you got
Then I went on and I hit it a little bit with some vinegar fam.
Oh, is that that white vinegar Malt vinegar, mother’s vinegar. What What I mean what we talking about there This
Is that apple cider vinegar.
An apple cider vinegar. Yes. Nothing but the truth.
Then I’m gonna take this lump meat right here. Mm-Hmm. . And I’m just going to dip it in there like that right there. Oh man. Oh man.
Woo. It make it close. Your eyes like that. Mm
Mm-Hmm. I can’t even begin to tell you the sweet from the crab meat itself and then the little twang and the spice back your mouth. Just doing all kinds of stuff. Just the tongue. Just slapping all sides of your mouth right
There. Just flipping acrobats. Mm-Hmm
. Mm-Hmm. .
All right, well look, I ain’t gonna disturb you no more while you eating, but I just had to show the people had to show the people what we talking about when we talk about that Softshell crab. Mm-Hmm. . So look, y’all know the deal. This is feathers and Family Outdoors cooking with Ms. Lacey. Y’all take care of yours. Please
Take care of yours.

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