How To Make Perfect Savory Butter Garlic Scallops

After seeing that thumbnail, I know why you here check it out. Today we making butter, garlic, scallops.

Heat Up The Skillet You Have – Stainless Steel or Cast Iron

I’m gonna just put it all right here so you guys can see. This is it. It’s culture, salt and pepper. Then we got a little butter right here and we got olive oil. This right here is super simple. You guys can find scallops at your local grocery store. They got, if they got a butcher butcher slash seafood counter, you can find these, right So the first thing you’re gonna do is you want to heat up your pan. You can use stainless steel. You know today my tool of choice and always my tool of choice by preference would be, you know, a cast iron skillet.

The Secret to  A Good Sear

Now we want to get like a medium high heat, right We want to get some heat in here. Then I’m gonna go ahead and add my olive oil. Okay So as we bringing this cast iron up to temp, right, I want you guys to pay attention right here. Let’s talk about the secrets to searing. This is the secret to getting a good sear on your scallops, right You have to, and when I say have to, that’s what I mean. You gotta make sure you pat these dry. More than likely these scatters are not the freshest meaning that they were caught, you know, prepared cut down like this, but they was probably frozen, right So when you get ’em, they’re gonna be full of water. You gotta be able to dissipate some of that water and then we gonna go ahead after you. Good with that. Right now it’s time for us to, you know, go ahead and season. Now I’m gonna go ahead and hit it with a little kosher salt,

Simple Seasonings Are  Powerful

Right They don’t need a whole lot, you know what I mean It’s really up to your, your palate. But this is like a fleshy type, you know, I just call it like a fish, you know what I mean It’s really, really, really fleshy, meaning it absorbs everything. So this would absorb it, help draw some of the moisture too. And then I’m gonna come with the black pepper. Now some people season areas with you know, other different types of seasonings also outside of just salt and pepper. But for me, I know this works. I eat these all the time and just trust me folks. You guys can talk about it down in the convers section below. Let me know what you would do and if you had scouted before, did you just use salt and pepper Okay, so look, I’m gonna stand in front of this pen right here so you guys can see, maybe you can see a little bit of the heat, the smoke coming off and you can catch it off with my background being dark, right You wanted your pan to be a little bit hot ’cause listen, I said we wanted to see it, right So now I just go ahead and add and just to let you guys know I’m adding an infuse olive oil, you know what I mean So

Do that. I can see this a little bit on the hot side, but that’s the way we want it to be. ’cause we going to see her right now. I’m gonna take ’em and I put ’em in just like this. You hear that That’s what you gonna want to hear folks.

Trust the Sear  Timing  – No Peeking

Now look, we talk about a seer, right This is gonna be key. You don’t wanna mess with ’em, you don’t wanna pick ’em up or nothing like that. You wanna put ’em in there for this size. I’m gonna say they go about two to two and a half, about two and a half minutes, you know what I mean Then we’ll flip, flip ’em over. But you want ’em to stay down there. You want to form that color, get that crust and then I promise you, when you taste these, if you ain’t never had ’em, these right here is fire folks. When I’m searing, I don’t like to pick nothing up and look at ’em under the bottom. Right underneath the bottom because when you pick it up, it kind of like just breaks that seal, you know what I mean And then it lifts all of the olive oil, get it, you know, get back up underneath it and all of that. So we don’t want to touch it. But I’m gonna show you one of these right here. I’m gonna flip this one right here ’cause I know it’s right. You see that one right there That’s what you want to get folks. Hmm That’s him. Now I’m gonna go by here and start checking all of ’em to see where they at and the cooking process. Like that one’s good, right We turn, look, there we go. Remember I put these on first. That’s good.

You guys get the, okay, so then when they ready you want to go ahead and just take ’em out. I don’t wanna put no paper, you know, towel under there ’cause I want ’em to stay as juicy as possible. You know why Because now we finna make a sauce folks,

After Scallops Come Off The Heat They are  Still Cooking

Okay So look, let me give you guys the keys so you guys can be, you know, successful, right Look, when you take your scallops off, you want ’em to be about one 15 or one 18, something like that. Because listen, when you take ’em out, listen, the heat is still gonna be inside that and it’s still gonna continue to rise. We want to see 1 25, 1 30, right So I turned off my fire, right And now I just add my butter, right We just gonna let that melt on its own. Then I’m gonna add a little lemon juice, you know, from my lemon. Then we gonna make just a little bit of a sauce. We gonna put it back in here. We gonna take some pictures and I’m finna devour these. Alright So look, now I turn my fire back on, right I just wanted my pen to cool because we was in sear mode, right This cast iron holds heat so it takes a minute. So I multitask. I go ahead and put my butter in there, let it, you know, melt on its own. Then I turned it back on. Now I’m gonna add my guard after about 30 seconds. Then you just want to go ahead and squeeze the, you know, a fresh lemon.

You see I use my hand as my strainer. I turn off my fire, right If a see get through, you can just pick it out, right This is it right here. I’m just going to add myself just a light pinch, a ko salt, a little bit of pepper, give it a stir. And then we gonna put our scallops back in here and we just coat just over the top. All right Now we just add the scallops.

Finishing Touches on the This Dish

Right And if you didn’t know what I was talking about, this is what I meant. You just put this right over here like this, get ’em nice and coated again. Whew. Look at that right there. Scallop anyone. Okay folks. Now you can see what the final presentation is right now. Listen, I could have made some like garlic parmesan, you know, white rice, you know, put that on there and got it going. I don’t wanna like overtalk it. I’m just trying to give you guys some suggestions, you know what I mean And now I’m just getting ready to just cut this right here so you guys can just see. I want you to come on in here and take a look at this. Let me move this. You see that right there That’s what you want. Look at the color, look at the flesh steel. Nice, soft, juicy look. I’m gonna dab it here. And guess what folks

You look in the level up your game and take your cooking to the next level. You got to start making stuff like this, you know what I mean A lot of people scared of it ’cause you only see it on them high end, you know, restaurants, they have it on they menu, but this right here, you can catch ’em on sale, pick you up some super easy to make salt and pepper. Can’t beat it.
I didn’t really say everything. Listen, the consistency of of the, the, the flesh is more like, it’s not Ry at all. I i, for those of you guys that have had shrimp, you know, ’cause a lot of people don’t eat shrimp, but if you ever had the shrimp, you know the texture is just like, hey, it’s just like super soft If you don’t overcook these, these right here are like a, a delicacy.

Hey, with that being said, let me know what you guys think down in the convers section below. Did you know that these were this, this easy to make Now if you’re new to my channel, let me just take this time to say, don’t forget to like smash that subscribe button and tell everybody out there, there’s a channel out here to simplify these recipes. They’re taking the mystery outta cooking. This time I’m about to walk off and leave some of these so everybody can get some. I’m out please.

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