How To Make Spagetti Pomodoro

There’s nothing like watching a world-class chef make a dish that is minimal ingredients and in a timeframe that works for modern working life schedules.

Spaghetti pomodoro. An amazing, easy recipe to do. Everybody can do it. Stay tuned. I’m gonna show you exactly how to do it. Remember, thumbs up. If you like the video, subscribe to the channel and ring that bell. Stay tuned. Friends, we’re doing it right now together.

Spaghetti Pomodoro – A Favorite Pasta Dish

Spaghetti Pomodoro. Friends. That’s one of my favorite pasta dish. Well, you know, I have so many of them. You know, I’m half Italian, half French, okay I’m totally more French than I’m Italian ’cause I grew up in France, but my mom is Italian. My first language, believe it or not, was Italian, but I didn’t speak it very, very much. ’cause I think I, at four, five years old, my dad said No more Italian in the house. I don’t speak Italian. I don’t want my kids to speak Italian. We’re speaking French from no one. So I had to learn French. So here I am friends in the meantime. And then I came to the state. Now I had to learn it. American, American English. Alright, Pomodora spaghetti pomodora. I’m gonna make you, this is one of the easiest tomato sauce you’ve ever made in your life.

I promise you. You’re gonna love it. It’s really, really special. So I got my, reduction sauce pen that I use on a regular basis, right You’ve seen it before. I make sauces with it. I do everything with this perfect for this. Alright We’re gonna put a little bit of basil, olive oil. If you got, if you don’t have a basil olive oil, you use a beautiful extra virgin olive oil, okay Don’t be using one under a hundred percent pure olive oil. That’s a hundred percent pure. You know what Okay, so it’s a extra virgin olive oil. Lemme take my fan off because I have a fan to keep me cool in the kitchen. And then it blow my flames. So, I’m gonna put a little bit of onion. We don’t put much onion, you know, we don’t have to put that much onion.

I love the onion. But in the tomato sauce, the Italian, they don’t put that much onion on there. Many, many Italian, many sauces. They don’t even put onion. I like the sweetness of it sometime because the tomatoes need a little sweetness. We’re gonna let that dey sting. We’re gonna put the pasta in. This is so simple, you’re not gonna believe it. Friends, I got the water going. Lot of water. We’re gonna put a little salt. It gotta taste like this. like the sea water. Well, last time you had sea water, that’s what they gotta taste like. It’s gotta taste like. We got about three ounces of pasta person put it in. Don’t worry about it. Don’t do nothing. Now a lot of people, they put, oil in the water. I don’t put oil in the water, but because I got a big pot, some people say the reason why they put oil in the water is to avoid the water from overflowing.

Don’t break it past. Just let it go in there. That’s what they say it does it stop the water from overflow I don’t know. I never had an issue because I got big pots. So I got the onion going. Let’s talk a little bit about the tomatoes. I’m using cherry tomatoes. And right now, this is the time to use it. My friends, they sweet. I, it’s amazing. You think they, they grow with sugar. It’s amazing. So you know what I do I take them and I cut ’em in half and look how beautiful that is. Look, look beautiful. That is French. You see, look at this, this and this. Sweet. And you know what I love I love it because it cooks in a few minutes. We got a tomato sauce. Then it’s actually gonna cook in no time at all. By the time the pasta are down, guess what

The tomato sauce gonna be done. How good is that This is like a 10 minute meal. I’m telling you, this is really quick. Not often I do this. The only are good. Now we’re gonna put a little garlic. That’s another thing that my mom never did. They put too much garlic. I think I ended up putting more garlic when I came to America. The Italian, they put very little garlic, just one clove for two or three dinner. That’s enough. So it’s right there. Put as much as it make you happy. Now we’re gonna take the tomatoes right there. Yeah, we wanna put the tomato. It’s easy. This is the easiest, the only. So it’s all about the tomatoes, my friend. You got good tomatoes. You’re gonna get a good Pomodoro sauce. Okay That’s all you need is good tomatoes. Really, really simple, right We’re gonna put a little salt.

Where is my salt Where is my salt Put a little salt. That’s gonna help us draw the moisture. Draw the water of the tomatoes and then you know what’s gonna happen. Little pepper, little black pepper. And you know what’s gonna happen, prince The water is gonna come out of the tomatoes, gonna make a liquid. But then you know what we’re gonna do We’re gonna take a potato m and we’re gonna smash it. We’re not gonna put the blender or the mixer or anything ’cause that destroys the texture. A tomato sauce is all about the texture. You want the, the chunkiness of the tomatoes. But I, what I’m gonna do, so I’m gonna squeeze it ’cause I wanna get the pectin in the skin. You see the pectin is a natural thickener. And, and that’s thicken the tomato sauce. So all the water is not gonna make a watery, watery tomato sauce.

Now let’s talk about the basil bako. It’s, look at this. All we’re gonna do, sir, we’re gonna put some in there. You’re gonna say, you know what, you put the basil now, it’s not gonna be as nice as if you put it at the end. I agree. It’s not gonna be So am I putting it in now I’m putting it in now, friends, because we wanna put some now and we wanna put some at the end. So we got two level of, of fragrance of the basil. We got the basil before and we got the basil after. And you think you’re gonna taste the same No. The one after, after the one you put at the end is gonna be much more fragrant. But the one you putting now, you think it is not gonna taste any good. Oh yeah, it is. And you know what I do

I take it the stems, the the leaves are break them. It’s very scientific. The way I do this. You notice, hey, you there is the one down there. I’m not gonna go. It’s gonna be hot. So , look, look, I take the stem and I put it in here. And you’re gonna say, well yo, I don’t want to eat the stem. I don’t blame you. I don’t eat ’em either. You know what I do I take ’em off, I cook ’em. And you know what I do I I squeeze them. I squeeze them. And you put ’em in there. The stems, you’re not gonna believe it. The stems actually gives a really, really nice flavor. Okay, I got enough. Basil, what do you think I got enough flavor. Alright, so we’re gonna cook this. You’ll come back over here. I’m gonna cook this my friends.

I’m gonna cook the pasta. And when I come back, we’ll finish the sauce together. This is gonna be amazing. I promise you it’s very simple my friend. It’s all about the tomato. So, you know what I do when I go to the store and I buy the tomatoes, I buy one container, okay And when I get to the car, I test it. If I taste good, I go back and I buy three more containers. If I don’t taste good, I go to another grocery store because they’re not the same. Those were called Pomodoro Sweet. And they’re like, I’m telling you, you think the sugar, how they do it, they’re wonderful. It’s all about the tomatoes. So don’t be buying the tomatoes then don’t have any colors, then don’t have any flavors. Okay You gotta test them. Alright, so I’ll be back when the pastas are cooked and when the tomatoes are cooked,


Okay friends, the pastas are ready. So it took about 10 minutes, 12 minutes. Depends how long they take. So what I’m gonna do now, I’m gonna take my potato masher, which I don’t use for potato anyway ’cause I use the potato icer when I make a mashed potato, right And I’m gonna squeeze the tomatoes. And then we want, we wanna get a better texture, but we also friends are gonna get the, the petten in the skin. And that is what’s gonna make that sauce so special. Okay I’ll turn the water off ’cause I’m done. Alright. And then I’m gonna remove my stems of basil and I’m, I’m squeezing them there now. Anyway, you see I’m squeezing the whole thing. It smells amazing. The tomato smells beautiful. The basil says more. There’s a little hint of garlic in the background and comes and kiss you right there. Oh, it’s beautiful. It’s beautiful my friend.

I’m gonna do it now and I’m gonna put it in the black pepper. I already put some salt earlier, so I’ll give a little test to see if it needs more to be tested really quick. I gonna be hot. Be careful down pier. Don’t burn on yourself. Yeah, I can use more salt. There you go. Alright, wonderful. So now I’m friends. We’re taking the pasta. Oh, oh, basil, basil, basil stems. There you go. Come to papa. You over there. If I forget one, then I forget one. Huh You know what I tell everybody when I eat eat in my house I say, if you find the ba the stems of the basil, you get two desserts. .
So I usually have a smart friends then goes to the kitchen and gets the basil, puts it in its plate. . So he said I got two. I got two. No he did not. Liar. Oh, let me get a tongue. Let me get a tongue. Here we go friends, we’re gonna put a beautiful spaghetti. And don’t worry about pasta water. We don’t, we like a little pasta water in there. Okay We like the pasta water. It’s got little starch in there. Got a little salt in there. That’s it. Voila. So now turn everything off. We are done. Now we’re gonna mix this up.

We’re gonna put a little more fresh basil. This is how you do it, my friends. Look how beautiful that is. Look at this. My mom would be so proud. Look at this. Is that gorgeous or what My friends. So what we’re gonna do now, you can put the cheese in here if you want. I’d like to put the cheese at the end. I’m gonna put some parmesano ano, you have never tried Parmigiano vaginal friends, please try one time. You know, if you look a price per pound don’t cost any more money than the, the stuff they put in a box. So what I do see, look, I take a big little like this and I put it right there, right And then I take a pasta fork and then I twisted around. I twisted around. See, look, you take it like this, you twisted around friends, right
And then you go like this in a plate. You take it, you twist it, your your, your little and boom, voila. And don’t do this. Take a little basil leaf right there, friends. Put it right there. Put it right. You know what I should do I should put the cheese first. Lemme put the cheese first at the last minute you see And go close so you don’t mess up your whole plate. Put as much as you want. I’m sure some of you’re gonna say, well, I wanna put more cheese. Well, you go ahead and put more cheese in yours, . That’d be probably everybody in my family. Oh, we’re gonna need more cheese. We need more cheese. We need more cheese. Here you go. Put more cheese. What’s this black thing doing here Get outta here. Lemme turn this off. Right We’re looking good friends.

We’re looking good, right What do you think You like it Oh, ooh, little fresh black pepper, right I’m gonna put a drizzle. Don’t tell anybody a drizzle of basil. Olive oil. I could drink that stuff. And then I’m gonna put a little basil right there and look at this one. What do you think We got a fork. Let get a fork. It’s the best moment. Is that beautiful or what Do you like it You like it I love it. Oh, oh, oh. You know what we could do Come back over here. One more thing, one more thing. I love my life. Look at this. You take a little bit of sauce right there. You can put as much as little as you want right there and put more cheese and put the thing right there and look at this. Beautiful. Alright friends. That’s it. Now I’m going to eat and then I’m going to eat. And voila, we’re just gonna take a little bite.

I’ll make a little bite. See, I, I like to put it in a spoon. It just controls a little bit. It makes it a little easier. And then I don’t have a huge you. Yeah, of course it is always one that’s gonna gimme trouble. If I wasn’t on television, I’d be okay. Mm mm That’s a hot. Mm. I love her. Mm. Mo cheese too, my friends. I hope you make this. It’s a fantastic recipe. Real easy. Remember, it only took like 10 minutes. Thumbs up if you like the video, subscribe to the channel and ring that bell. Don’t forget folks, subscribe to the channel so when you make a comment, I can respond to you. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you again in the next couple of days with another fantastic video.

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