Learn How To Make Longhorn’s Parmesan Crusted Chicken At Home

Welcome back. We’re back with another edition of Make It Happen At Home. At least that’s what I think. I’m gonna call this series where I’m showing you guys how to make some of your favorite restaurant staples in the comfort of your own home. Today we’re making Longhorns, Parmesan crusted chicken, highly recommended by you guys on Twitter, super delicious recipe. But before we get into that, please take a quick second to subscribe to the channel. Make sure you hit that bell to them with notifications as well. All right guys, meet me in the kitchen. Let’s make it happen. First things first, let’s take a look at these ingredients. Obviously for the chicken, we need some chicken breasts. Today we got two boneless skinless chicken breasts. We also have some provolone cheese, some grated Parmesan cheese Panko breadcrumbs that we’re gonna pair with some Kerry gold butter and some shaved Parmesan.
Alright my friends, it’s time to butterfly the chicken, also known as just splitting it in half. In order to do that, you need a nice sharp knife like this one right here. If you’re in the market for a knife, I know a guy that sells ’em. The link is in the description box below. You can see how sharp this bad boy is. What you want to do is just make a slit right in the middle of the chicken and then just kind of use your hands to guide yourself right through it. You don’t have to be super precise about it. We’re gonna pound it flat, make sure it’s nice and even. And that’s gonna make sure the chicken cooks nice and even as well. So flatten it out. It’s almost like a heart shaped almost Valentine’s Day and boom. The next step here is to grab a mallet or something heavy, A cast iron skillet, a rolling pen textbook you never use and we’re just gonna pound the chicken out until it’s nice and flat.
Alright guys, so once your chicken is prepped, we’re gonna make a real quick and simple marinade. So about a quarter cup of olive oil, whatever oil you got will work here. Avocado oil works too. We’re gonna season it up with my all purpose seasoning. If you don’t have this, you can grab it via the leak in my description box or just use whatever your favorite all purpose seasoning is at home. And this episode is sponsored by HelloFresh. You’ve got New Year’s goals and HelloFresh is here to help you achieve them. Skip the grocery store and take control of your time and budget with delicious recipes delivered right to your door. HelloFresh ISS festive fair collection features, limited time recipes made with seasonal produce and premium proteins. Get out of the post holiday slump with these elevated winter classics. We all wanna save a little money this time of year, but did you know that HelloFresh helps you save money all year round
In fact, HelloFresh is cheaper than grocery shopping and 25% cheaper than takeout. If you’re looking for an easy way to eat well and save money, then this is perfect for you. You can cut back on expensive takeout and delivery and get started with HelloFresh. You’ll love how fast, easy, and affordable it is to whip up a restaurant quality meal right in your own kitchen. I couldn’t be happier with how convenient HelloFresh is for me and my family and I think you’ll like it too. So go to hellofresh.com and use the code Mr. Make it happen. 65 for 65% off, plus free shipping. That’s hellofresh.com code mr. Make it happen. 65 for 65% off, plus free shipping. We’re also going in with some Italian seasoning, any brand to work. Whatever you got in the pantry, you’ll get the job done. If you’re feeling real fancy, you can chop up some fresh herbs. But we’re going with some Italian seasoning, a real light application of smoked paprika just for a little background, smoky flavor. Then we’re gonna add some ranch seasoning.

And about a tablespoon or two of ranch dressing. So now you just wanna get in there with your hands, massage all of that in, make sure it becomes one. Make sure the chicken’s evenly coated in the marinade and you can marinade this overnight if you want to. But really 30 minutes is kind of all you need. That’s plenty of time for chicken breasts. It’ll absorb that flavor pretty quickly. But if youve got some time on your hands or you want to, you know, get some stuff done the night before, you can go ahead and put this in the fridge up to you know, overnight. But that’s what you wanna see. Nice and even distribution of that marinade, the ranch and the olive oil come together nicely. Nice flavorful chicken breast. Alright my friend. So what we have here is some cubed up provolone cheese. To that we’re gonna add some freshly shaved Parmesan.
I’m gonna save a little bit of this for presentation, but most of that’s going in there. And last but not least, we have some ranch dressing. Quick reminder guys, that all specific measurements and ingredients for this recipe can be found in the description box below. So don’t forget to check that out. This is gonna be the cheese component of our chicken topping along with the Panko breadcrumbs. We’re about to prepare in just a moment, but we’re gonna mix this cheese and ranch concoction here. This is kind of what is the trademark of the Longhorn chicken dish is this ranch and cheese mixture and that’s all you wanna do. Just mix those three ingredients together. That’s gonna go on top of our cooked chicken. And then the next component is gonna be our breadcrumbs. So we have some melted butter here. To that we’re gonna add our panko breadcrumbs and just give that a good mix. The final step to the recipe will be topping our chicken with this buttery breadcrumb mixture. It’s gonna add some great texture, great flavor, can’t go wrong with it, just for a little additional flavor. You can hit it with some salt and pepper, a little all-purpose seasoning. Don’t go too crazy ’cause there’s tons of flavor in this recipe as is. But if it’s gonna be the top layer of your dish, you wanna make sure it has a little bit of seasoning on there.
That’s what you wanna see right there my friends. Alright, so now we’re gonna get our skillet nice and hot. Add some avocado oil or olive oil, whatever you have gently lay that chicken breast on in there, lay the meat away from you, press down so it’s making good surface area contact. And then just repeat that step with all of your chicken. Make sure we got room in there, which we do. Alright guys, so after a few minutes the chicken should be ready to flip. Should be looking something like this. Give us some time on the other side and then we’re gonna top it with the cheese and breadcrumbs and put it under the broiler. Alright guys, so we gave the chicken one more flip and now it’s time to top it with cheese. It’s just about where we want it at. 165 degrees. Internal temperature, we’re probably at about 1 55 but once it goes under that broiler it’ll be fully cooked. Be generous with the cheese guys, we’re here for a good time, not a long time. Pair this with a salad offset the the health factor . There we go. Lemme know when the comments if you guys have ever had this from Longhorn. Also lemme know in the comments what copycat recipe you guys wanna see next on the YouTube channel because I’m making a list and I’m gonna make a lot of your favorites. Alright, so now we’re going in with the butter coated Panko. It’s only right. Add some nice texture to the party.
Obviously we got four servings here. You can serve this up with some mashed potatoes and green beans like we’re doing today. Or a nice salad or whatever your favorite sides are. Now this is going under the broiler on high until it’s golden brown and beautiful and that cheese is nice and melted
And that my friends is what we’re looking like fresh out of the oven from under the broiler. Nice golden brown on top. Cheese is melted, chicken is fully cooked and I’m getting hungry getting ready to dig into this. And this is how we’re looking plated up. We did this with some garlic mashed potatoes and some honey sriracha green beans, but plate it up with whatever your favorite sides are. This is the part where I say brace yourself for a trademark money shot. Say it with me guys. Looking good. The only thing left to do is get in here for the taste test. But before we do that, please take a quick second to subscribe to the channel. Make sure you hit that bell to enable notifications as well. Now my friends, it’s time for the moment of truth. Couldn’t come at a better time ’cause your boy is starving. Cut. Open that chicken. Make sure we get all of that. Cheesy goodness. That’s a little cheese pool for y’all. Super juicy chicken. Here it goes. Nothing.

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