Paprika Coated Seared Pork Tenderloin for Dinner

This is pork tenderloin. So we have two tenderloins. we’re gonna split it in half. and what I’m gonna do is cut this in half and then I’m going to take it, and we’re gonna, butterfly it. So we’ll cut almost all the way through, not quite all the way through like that. And then we’re gonna pound it. you can use plastic or not. It, it doesn’t really matter. and by the way, you probably do the same thing. I just use like a three quart sauce pan, sometimes. So, I don’t
Actually, yeah, you just bang it with whatever’s handy. Exactly. ,
Whatever. Yeah, whatever you got. So, yeah, you, your, your, your laptop, computer, whatever, , four pieces like this. and then we’re gonna make the sauce. So the sauce is, evu, three tablespoons of olive oil and then smoked paprika. This is the world’s best ingredient.
I love it. It does, it does so much, so little does, so much.
So we do that here. the smoked pap is, I said one of my favorite ingredients. a little oregano and a little bit of sugar. and then we have the them cooked now. And, we’re gonna brush one side. and this is, this is maybe one of the easiest recipes in the world because you’re just cooking the, the pork tenderloin that’s been butterflied. brush it on one side, finish cooking on the other side, will brush that when we come back. and that’s about it. And then it’s so simple to do. It’s just a, a two tenderloins and a little bit of seasoning. You just finish those off and you can brush a little more of the, smoked paprika on it at the end. Now we’re going to fast desk. We have a pound of country style pork ribs. it’s actually not from the ribs, it’s more from the shoulder and the end of the loin. and it’s boneless. And we just, those pieces, those chunks for about three minutes on one side, and we’ll take that off and reserve those. Now this is sweet peppers, with pork honey and sage. Nice. Put that back on. So now we have, one onion and three, two peppers sliced and put that in.

Oh my gosh. So fun and colorful.

so we’ll just saute this, this sautes for just two or three minutes to start to soften. and then when that’s done, we have them switched out here. and that’s what it looks like when that’s done. Now, a a cup of wine goes in again, we’re using the agradulce, we’re using a little bit of honey, which is a theme throughout all this. a little salt and pepper. And, we’ll put in the sage as well. And we’ll just cook that down.

That’s another thing I love. We’re learning the same lesson it used in different applications.

For the  tenderloin rub – these are your ingredient

Smoked paprika
Garlic powder
Onion powder

The key here that I have found my own history of making this for dinner is the smoke paprika is essential –  it makes the difference in the flavor of the entire meal.

Definitely spring for it – but don’t do what I did an d put it on a subscription!!! I’m swimming in the best smoked paprika in the world.

And get a good tenderloin – I get one from WholeFoods very often and have them butterfly it so I can cut it into smaller pieces and use different ingredients for even a filling  and roll it up . Same meat protein but different auxiliary flavors.

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