Roasted Red Potatoes For Dinner AND Breakfast

Welcome to Amy Learns to Cook. I’m Eric. And on today’s show we’re gonna make roasted red potatoes. Roasted red potatoes are great because they go well with entrees such as roasted chicken, but they can also be used as breakfast food, such as in breakfast skillets or even in burritos. So they’re really flexible. Now let’s make roasted red potatoes. So I’ve already cut most of the potatoes up. I just wanted to show on a couple of ones like this little guy. I’m just gonna go ahead and quarter him. It’s that easy. So you just cut it once. Lengthwise gross. And then this is close enough. this one’s a little bigger, so I’m just gonna go ahead and cut him kind of in thirds a little bit and then I’ll just cut him lengthwise. Whatever crosswise that’s close enough. A five pound sack of red potatoes, fits evenly between two of the, cookie sheets we’ve lined with parchment paper and we just want to spread these out so they’re kind of a single layer. We’re gonna just add a little bit of olive oil. I’m not gonna drench or try to get it towards brazing in the stuff, but I just want to healthy amount to give the spices something to stick to. I’m gonna add a little bit of pepper
And one of my favorite ingredients is this Weber roasted garlic. It basically has some salt garlic stuff in there. it goes on pretty much everything. Something’s gonna be a little generous with that. And then some herbs de provenance. it’s got all the good stuff. what rosemary cracked fennel, thyme, savory basil, tarragon di wheat, oregano. So, basically it’s good on things like soups and vegetables and stuff and I think it works really good on roasted potatoes. So these two are buddies. just for a little twist on things, we’re putting some bell peppers and onions on here. So I’m just gonna go ahead and take some, red bell peppers that I’ve previously sliced up. So green bell peppers
And then I got some onions. I usually will put one or two bell peppers per cookie sheet and one large onion or maybe a couple of small onions. I don’t really try to overdo it and it gives it a really good flavor when it roasts up. And I think that’s enough right there. So now I’m gonna go ahead and add a little bit more olive oil to the top, so that way the, vegetables I just added are included in there. And just a little bit of pepper for those guys. The other thing you can do is, you can take a Ziploc bag with some oil in the same, seasonings that you want and you can go ahead and pre-mix that. And you can even let marinate if you want, ahead of time. you just have to be careful not to add too much oil because when you add it to here, it can maybe just, you know, sit in it.
Next thing you know, it’s frying more than anything. So I think that’s a good amount now. So I’ve already have, preset the oven in this case, a 4 25. if we were cooking at three 50, it would take about hour to potentially 90 minutes to cook this stuff, depending upon how big the, slices or cubes or whatever these are. in this case at 4 25, it’ll cook in about half hour to 45 minutes. The only thing you have to be careful of is what seasonings you put on here. If you use a lot of garlic, that could possibly burn and then become bitter and stuff if you cook it too hot. So if you’re using a lot of garlic cook around three 50 or 3 75. Otherwise 404 25 should be good in there for maybe 10 or 12 minutes. So we’re gonna go ahead and just
Give this a little turning a little bit. It’s supposed to turn these things, you know, a couple of times during the cooking. So if you’re gonna estimate, it’s gonna take you 30 minutes, then, you know, every 10 minutes, flip it. If you think it’s gonna take you an hour, then maybe do it 20 minutes apart. Just gives chance to let everything brown evenly. As you can see, it’s steaming really good. Smells great. You can smell the bell peppers and the onions really good right now, but it’s nowhere near being done. The potatoes are done now. They’ve been in the oven for about an hour or so. we have a lot of potatoes in there. they’re soft, they’re brown. The whole house smells like potatoes right now. So we’re gonna pull ’em out.
Okay, so now I’m gonna take a taste of Eric’s roasted red potatoes. We’re gonna get some potatoes, some of the onions, and a little bit of the bell pepper. Wow, it looks really good. Let’s take a taste. Mm wow. These are really, really incredible. Mm. The herbs taste good. They’re not overly greasy. The, onions and bell pepper really make, just make this just outstanding. I almost can’t stop eating it. Wow. I would say, Eric, this is a thumbs up roasted red potatoes with bell peppers and onions. If you like this recipe, please subscribe below and visit our website at amy learns to I’m also on Twitter at learns to cook.

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