The Best Chicken Marinade For Grilling

Check it out folks. Look, the 4th of July is just right around the corner, right Listen, if you looking to raise your chicken game up, then check this video out. Let’s get it. Okay So look like all my other videos, all of the ingredient lists, you know what I mean with the measurements will be down in the description box below. So let’s go ahead and make this marinade, right So come on in here right now if you guys haven’t seen, look, this right here is genius. You know what It is super simple but it make your life so much better. But check it out. Now we just finna go ahead and put it here. Bring it over here to this side, right Then you just open this up like this and check that out folks. Super simple. This right here man. This right here is fire folks. So let’s go ahead and just put our ingredients in the bag, right So I’ll start with my W sauce, soy sauce, lemon juice vinegar. Now I want you guys to take a look at this right here, right Look, this is that branch and vine. This is that rosemary infused olive oil, right Listen, when you use, you know the top notch ingredients, this is how everything just turns out like way over the top, right So I’ll go ahead and add my infused olive oil garlic powder. And then here we gonna add our dizon mustard.
Now we’ll go ahead and add some fresh black cracked pepper. Now this right here, look, just go ahead and grind to you until you’re tired. Then we’re gonna add a little culture of salt. Just a pinch. That’s all you need. We just wanna wake it up just a little bit, right Alright, now we’re gonna add the fresh rosemary. And then last but not least, we’re gonna come with the brown sugar. Okay So look, get yourself a whisk and then what we’re gonna do is just get all of this to incorporate, you know, together, right And I like to make this first, you know, ’cause we put that brown sugar, I just wanna make sure everything is nicely, you know, married together, you know, blended together. Once we have it like that, this is gonna be our marinade folks.
Now I wanna talk to you guys about the chicken, like what I do to the chicken. Look, these are just boneless skinless thighs, right Depends on the manufacturer. You can see it’s got a little fat on it, stuff like that. So listen, what I wanna do is I’m gonna trim these up, cut ’em, cut the brush. Anyway, look, I’m not gonna overtalk it. Lemme just show you. Obviously we want to get this off of here, right We just want to just make a little, you know, series of cuts right along the fat. And you can see it kind of like comes out. It’s okay to have a little bit on here, you know what I mean But any of it that I can trim without spending like, you know, 30 minutes on each piece I do. So now we’ll come to the breast. Look, this is what we gonna do. You could look this always sticker at this top part of the breast, right So what we wanna do is take some of this out, right So I just come look at it, divide that by, you know, just wanna do it halfway right Look at it like this and that’s fine. Now you can take it and you can sort of like just butterfly it, right Make sure your knife is sharp. Then we just take it like this
And there you have it. Okay, so you just saw me cut the breast down, right So look, get yourself some saran wrap. Just go ahead and cover it. I’m gonna use the smooth side. I’ll use this side right here when I’m doing steaks, you know, or something like that. But for chicken, just use this. Got my breasts, we’ll just add it in here just like that. This right here will make a nice grilled sandwich. So now we just take this off, right Move this over here.
Now for me, I like to just hold it, squeeze out as much air as I can. Go ahead and close it like that. And now we just move it around. I could have put a lot, you know, a few more pieces of chicken in there. But this is what we want to do right here. I want you guys to take a look at that right here. Ooh, we, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put this in the refrigerator, right So check it out. If you gonna grill tomorrow, you do this the day before, like the day before the holiday, the big grill day or whatever and you just wanna put it in eight hours and above. So I’m gonna go in right now and this is probably gonna get about 13 hours inside of this, but right now we going in the refrigerator. Super simple folks.
Hey, so look, it’s just really just that simple. So what I did was I went ahead and just like pan, you know, I guess you could say pan fried or pan pan sead, you know my chicken breasts, right But listen, when you use the check it out, when you use that brown sugar, you know it puts that little crust on the outside of that. You wanna make sure that anytime you’re doing food, especially chicken, you wanna make sure it’s cooked all the way to 1 65 in the center, right I checked it in several spots just to make sure we use that 1 65. Hey, listen, this right here is super over the top. I promise you, you put this out, especially if you put ’em out on the grill. Hey listen, I’m not finna overtalk it, you guys see it. Let me know what you think down in the convers section below. And with that being said, check this out. Listen, if you’re new to my channel, lemme take this time to say, Hey, thank you for watching this video. Don’t forget to like smash that subscribe button. And I want you guys to tell everybody out there, there’s a channel out here that’s simplifying these recipes and taking the mystery outta cooking. And with that being said, folks, I’m about to sneak this off to the side and I’m about to eat and we about to film. Again. I’m out. Peace.

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